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The approach in our school is tranformational in nature. The effort is to take education beyond classroom sessions. We emphasize on creating an environment and opportunity for students to explore,
experiment,experience and discover. In order to achieve this, we have evolved many co-curricular activities for the students to perform.

The school allows its students to select from a wide variety of games. A trained physical education teacher guides the students in learning sports such as:

. Swimming . Skating . Badminton . Football
. Hockey . Judo . Archery . Cricket
. Basket ball . Kho-kho . Stilt Walking . Karate
. Volleyball . Netbal . Ring ball . Soft ball
The school regularly hosts and participates in various sports events. The school teams have played at National Leval and at District Level Championships.
They have been winners too, which has motivated the students. Many luminaries have been invited from time to time as a source of inspiration for all.
Some of our dignitaries over the past years were:
  • Shri Chaudhary Sardar Singh Ji – Ex Minister of U.P. Government
  • Shri Mohammad Farid Khan – Ex Ranji Trophy Player & Manager Production IOCL, Mathura
  • Shri Manvendra Singh – Ex M.P. Of Mathura
  • Shri Ramprasad Kamal – Former Minister in U.P. Government
  • Shri Pradeep Mathur – M.L.A. Mathura-vrindavan
  • Shri Ashok Ganguli – Former Chairman -CBSE and Ex Director SCERT, U.P.
  • Shri Virendra Sexsena – Film & Television celebrity
  • Smt. Samta Sagar – T.V.artist
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